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German Stem Cell Network & Schering Stiftung

About the lesson series "Understanding Stem Cells - The Conference for the School":
With this four-part series of lessons, the German Stem Cell Network and the Schering Stiftung provide teachers with fact-tested knowledge about stem cells. The freely usable material allows high school students to actively immerse themselves in current research.
The German Stem Cell Network secures the technical quality of the material with its scientific experts. The Schering Stiftung uses its experience in science education to introduce young adults to current research topics with new methods and to encourage their interest in science.


The project "Understanding Stem Cells - The Conference for the School" was developed by:


Conception and project management: Stefanie Mahler (GSCN) and Katja Naie (Schering Stiftung)
Scientific evaluation, design and content: Daniel Besser, Tobias Cantz, Ira Herrmann
Texts and didactic concept: Greta Wonneberger
Didactics and teacher comments: Helga Fenz
Translation: Baker & Company
Proofreading: Marty Sander
Design: Janek Jonas
Website administration: Sascha Döschner, Daniel Besser


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